Software Development
SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
Modern business systems are leveraging multiple devices to allow customers, potential customers and even internal staff to collaborate and communicate with your products or services. For example, if you have a business function that can be leveraged on a mobile phone, tablet, website or custom software solution, then SOA is the answer. SOA allows all these devices and systems to interact with the business function and you only need one copy of that business function. In other words, you do not have to develop one specifically for the mobile phone and another for the tablet and another for the website, and so on.

SOA can improve your processes, customer feedback and interaction and can even reduce the operating costs of running your business. It can bring new technology and business features to the market and your customers much faster than traditional methods.

Data Modeling
At the root of your business is data - very important data. Without it, your business may not function. Modeling your business data is a crucial component to manipulating and managing that data. Data Modeling is about creating compartments for your data in a way that allows that data to be accessed by various systems in a fast and flexible way. This is art more than science. The data should be compartmentalized in such a way that allows new data to be added in the future and also allows integration of different systems that may be requesting data in many different formats.

Database Design Engineering
From a Data Model, a Database Design and implementation can be constructed. There are many different database types out there and entirely different ways to implement a Data Model. You can use a relational database design or an object database design. Without getting into the complexities, just know there are pros and cons to each approach. Triangle IT Vision understands these pros and cons and will develop a solution that fits your business objectives now and in the future.

Systems Integration
Collaboration is modern business. Your business systems must collaborate for many reasons. First, you need responsive communication between departments and between computer systems. You may have field technicians that can communicate in real-time to your inventory or sales departments and systems. Gone are the days of writing things down with a paper and pen and having that information manually sent to a department via "sneaker-net". Nowadays staff are using mobile tablets and filling out secure electronic forms and sending these forms in real-time to another system that triggers another business process to occur and this continues until the process is complete. SOA is a solution for Systems Integration as described above. For other ideas for integrating your business systems, contact an IT Vision engineer.